Chapter 43 – Princess, Conditioner, And Nosebleed

When I was about to finish the preparation for the night camp, I heard Cias-sama’s voice.

『Hey, hey, soldiers of Amuhamura. It’s me, Amducias.

I would like to thank you guys, for visiting the dungeon with etiquette, albeit just a little. Well, it’s just some food and water.

It is not as cold here as it is outside. You are welcome to use the water to cleanse your body that has become dirty from your journey so far.』

As soon as he said that, a transfer array appeared along with a large amount of water.

Since the Kingdom of Amuhamura relies on fishing as its main industry, many people have fish as their staple food. Of course, there is livestock farming, but it is not as large as a large-scale ranch in the southern country where there is a good environment for it. That’s why, an expedition like this where you can’t eat any fresh fish can be stressful on its own. The saltiness, hardness, and the smell of dried meat, and how painful it is to have to eat it with some crackers instead of rice.

And right now, fresh raw fish is packed in a stone-like box in front of us.

I’m sure I am not the only one that inadvertently gulped.

『Ah, and Captain Trisha. Would you like to take a bath here if you wish? As expected, I can’t invite all the soldier here.』

A bath, you say!?

I took my eyes off the fish and looked at the black object that Cias called a “Supika”.

「When you say bathing does that mean that there is a bath?」

『Yeah. There is a large communal bath of which its craftsmanship I’m really proud of, and it is perfect for healing the tiredness of the day.』


That is amazing. That can be said as the height of luxury.

As mentioned before, Amuhamura, who has a thriving fishing industry, tends to have towns on the coast. Which means it was difficult to secure domestic water. Even in the royal capital where water can be taken from the nearby river, seawater will be mixed in and sometimes the water will become salty.

In such an environment, the bath is only used when inviting guests from other countries or during the New Year holidays.

However, taken from the talk just now, it seems that Cias-sama is taking a bath every day.

If so, I’m convinced as to why Cias-sama has such a clean smell when I snuggle with him.


Perhaps, the reason as to why Cias-sama especially invited me, is because he is bothered by my smell?

Noooooooo!! Impossible!! Both as a princess and a woman it is impossible!!

I wanted to agree to it immediately, but I was stopped by the vice captain who seemed to be impatient.

「Captain, it’s dangerous. Please don’t.」

The vice captain reiterates words that I heard so many already that it forms calluses in my ears.

Certainly, this kind of action is unnecessary for the expedition. The negotiation has already been completed, and all we haf\d to do is to return home tomorrow, so it is completely unnecessary to jump into the Demon King’s hands again. It’s a good assumption if I wasn’t Cias-sama’s companion.

But, it is a bath, you know!?

If done well, I might have a chance to take a bath with Cias-sama and see him naked!!

There might be a lot of obstacles, but it makes sense for me to go!!

For that reason, I don’t mind persuading the vice captain once or twice, even if I had to lie for it. I’ll persuade him as hard as I can!!

「Vice captain, we right now, are kindly favored by Amducias-dono, you know? That kind of reaction, isn’t too rude of us to react with vigilance?

If he intended to hurt me, why didn’t he do it the first time?

It is for certain that he is a Demon King with a generous heart and a desire for peace. But, if we humans distrust him in this way, he might be more hostile in the future, you know?

If his kindness right here is neglected, the price of that will be paid by the people of our country. I can’t allow that.」

I sincerely appealed to him. To his conscience.

The vice captain responded to my talk with a serious expression.

「Captain, nosebleed.」

Seems like my desire overflowed to a place where facial expression can’t help.

Somehow or another, I managed to persuade the vice captain and convey my consent to Cias-sama.


Geez, it took me an unexpectedly long amount of time to persuade the vice captain. If only I didn’t have a nosebleed.

I moved to Cias-sama’s side with the transfer array. This time, unlike the white room I was in earlier, it is a room that is full with furnishing.

All of it has a good sense. The round table in the center of the room in particular, the top is made of glass, I unintentionally stared at it.

I have never seen a glass that is this clean. Moreover, in this size.

There are many other interesting items lined up in the large room, but I will have to leave them for now.

The item’s craftsmanship is so astonishing that things that are valuable to me feels like

a pebble on the roadside.

I was guided into a door, and went inside along with Paimon. Men and women enter separately apparently.


Oops, did a mouse make that noise? The princess’s improper, tongue-clicking rat.

「Trisha, take off your clothes here, and then you can go inside. And don’t go around licking the ”Shampoo” and the “Conditioner” even if they smell good, okay?」

Seems like I will be taking a bath with just Paimon, but I can’t afford to not accept it now.

Since I’m not going to bathe with Cias-sama, the offer is half as attractive now.

However, a bath is a bath. Since Cias-sama made it, I’m sure it would be wonderful as well.

I switch the direction of my thoughts and take off my clothes.


Right there, lies the most magnificent view that I have never seen before.

The floor is inlaid with slippery stones, there are golden statues of mysterious animals that are spitting hot water, and there is also a spectacular instrument that I have never seen before.

And above all, I have never seen nor imagined that the bathhouse was so spacious, even according to a royal family standard.

And when I was watching the scene for a while,

「How is it, quite good, right?」

Suddenly, I heard Cias-sama’s voice.

When I turned around in a hurry, I found Cias-sama, not wearing a single thread.

A bright red flower bloomed in the large communal bath.

「Geez. Trisha is truly a mysterious person.」

Paimon, who was standing next to her and was washing her head to set an example, muttered as if amazed.

「I was taught that humans hate demons and can never get along with them , you know.」

「I was also taught the same. Demons are brutal and ferocious, so whenever they see a human, they always try to kill them.」

Surprisingly, demons and humans are not much different than each other. As they repeatedly fight each other, their field of vision starts to narrow, and the good side of the other party becomes invisible, and only their bad side is highlighted.

And when I look at Paimon and Cias-sama, I really think that is so.

「But still, this “Shampoo” thing is amazing.」

I felt my hair after rinsing the shampoo off. It has a slippery feel without any trace of oil nor dust. And unlike when I washed it with soap, it doesn’t have a squeaky feeling.

「Is it impossible to make this “Shampoo” even with human technology?」

「Yeah. I don’t know how to make it in the first place.」

「As expected of Cias-sama!!」

It is not such an easy thing to just get rid of though.

Pamon doesn’t seem like the type to think deeply, so it can’t be helped, but from the perspective of a human,  a Demon King with such an unknown technology is nothing but a wonder.

Because it is in the technical field that humans have an advantage over the demons. Well, it is undeniable that our blacksmithing technique is one step behind the dwarves, though.

「Next is the “Conditioner”.」

The same is true for the container containing this shampoo and conditioner. What’s the principle behind it, and how does it look inside? If we can make practical use of it, it can be used for a variety of things.

「This is…, just what is this?」

Imitating what Paimon is doing, I put the conditioner on my palm, and gently knead it.

「I don’t know, but it make my hair smooth.」

Saying that, Paimon beghin to smear the conditioner  on her hair. I imitate and follow what she did.

「Wh-What is thiiiiissss!?」

The feeling of my hair after washing away the conditioner is clearly different than how it felt before. It has a different luster, glossy, and smoothness.

This is…

This is amazing!! I want it!!

Does Cias-sama’s hair look so soft and so beautifully jet black because he uses this thing everyday?

This is a gem that all women, regardless of race and age, want.

Ahh…, I really envy Paimon who can use this everyday!!

I decided that I will negotiate with Cias-sama to give me this “Shampoo” and “Conditioner” as souvenirs, as I headed to the bath where Cias-aama is waiting while na-ke-d.

I was scolded when I was trying to use it to clean my body….

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