The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is The Weakest

The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is The Weakest


God left a dungeon in the hands of a boy known as the Demon Lord.

After receiving multiple blessings from God, let’s start my life as a Demon Lord! …Or that’s how it was suppose to be, but God messed up and created the worlds’ weakest Demon Lord ever. To continue living, I have to continue making dungeons.

This story is about an idiotic protagonist, a lonely demons’ child, an Undine who lives in a bathtub, and a princess who fell in love with the Demon Lord, even though she was human. A story that all unfolded during a bath.

(from: novelupdates)

Tags: Comedy, Fantasy, Game Elements, Harem, Shounen, Transported Into Another World


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1-6 (Ter4005 at Sauri’s TL Blog)
Chapter 7-17 (Pengu Translation)
Chapter 18-28 and Illustrations (Gaia Chronicles Blog)

Chapter 29 Fury
Chapter 30 Wariness
Chapter 31(Part 1), (Part 2): Hunger
Chapter 32 The Spirit of The Bath’s Treatment!?
Chapter 33(Part 1), (Part 2): Circumstances of A Certain Princess
Chapter 34 The First Human Is A Princess-sama!?
Chapter 35 A Certain Perplexed Princess
Chapter 36 A Certain Princess’s First Love
Chapter 37 The Princess-sama’s mistake!?
Chapter 38 A Certain Princess’s First Love 2
Chapter 39 The Demon Lord is dancing!?
Chapter 40 – The End Of A Tyrant!?
Chapter 41 – Cias, Koshon, and Paimon
Chapter 42 – New Ambitions!?