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In case you are wondering what the heck is wrong with the title, well… The author haven’t thought about it…yet(prob).

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Author Note:
It’s my first “handwritten” novel in English so please be considerate ^^ and all of the content i think it myself, type it myself, made the stories, plot, all the characters and place by myself, please don’t copy it without asking or without credit. If all character, names, places had similarities i apologize.

*saranghae = i love you
chaebol = conglomerate
oppa = older brother or a trusted older man

(EN: Oh my god, the cringe)

London. September, 2018.

” Alisa, are you sure all your things packed up?” A woman asked me.

” Yes, mom. I already cross checked it.” I said

” How about your meds?” she asked again.

Hah! woman in her 40’s sure worry a lot. I’m a grown up and i can take care of myself, but ofc all mom in the world will see her kids as a kid no matter how old are they. and sure i’m a “special” kid.

” Of course i have it. I need my meds.” i answered

” You sure i can’t drive you to the airport ?” She asked again, she look worried.

” Yap, if you drive me there you’ll cry again and i didn’t want to see you cry.” I explained as i hug her.

I always love Mom’s smell is calming.

” Fine. How about asking your dad to drive you to the airport? “She asked me again.

” It’s okay. Dad has work to do and we already say goodbye for like a thousand times.” I said calmly as i move my suitcase to the front of the house.

” Alright, alright. I won’t ask you anymore.” she said as she takes a deep breath

” Is that your cab coming ?”

” Yep, i think that’s mine.” A taxi driving close and stop in front of my house.

” Yep, it is. Okay, I got to go, mom. Don’t worry and take care of your health and dad’s and i will take care of mine’s.” I said as i move my suitcase to the trunk.

She hugs me, kiss my cheeks, looking worried as a mom should feel.

” Alright, take care of yourself, okay? and call home if you have a hard time or need anything.” she said and i laugh.

” Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got to go. I’ll call you when i arrived, love you saranghae.” I got into the taxi and the driver start driving.

I took a deep breath, i know mom will cry when she saw my taxi moving away so i purposely didn’t look back, I’m afraid I’ll cry too and that’ll make my mom having hard time. Mom already have a hard time when i decided to go back to Korea and asking for her permission which is very hard to get because i suddenly return home from Korea 1 year ago looking sick, sluggish, and thin, very thin.

As my taxi driving away from the place where I’ll miss the most when i got there, i arrived at the airport. I checked in, got my seat number. As my airplane taking off at 11.25 am and it’s just 11 o’clock, I need to wait for my airplane. My friends didn’t come here because they’re working, not like they didn’t care but i didn’t want to mess with their working schedule and… we already have a farewell party 3 days before, a very fun farewell party. And technically, one of them is moving to Korea because of work and yeah… her love life. She met her boyfriend; now fiancée; when she visited me a year and a half months ago. So, the thing is that I’m one of those college kids that was studying art in Korea.

After an 11 hours of flight i arrived in Korea. I still remembered how I’m very excited when i first come to Korea for vacation, and that’s when i decide to study here. But now i’m less excited. This country and it’s people’s ways to judge people scare me and that has things to do 1 years ago when i suddenly fly back to London.

Korea. September, 2018.

If i remember correctly, i think Park Hye Bin, my roommate; who go to the same college but studying business; will pick me up. Hye-bin took a break at the same time as me because of some personal matters. I didn’t ask her more cause you know… it’s a personal matters and she’s very stressed about it, but i too didn’t get to explain about what happen to me when i suddenly fly back home. But, now we coincidentally planned to study at the same time. WAH. I spot her, a girl with platinum blonde waist-length hair and high fashion sense, well, I’m not really surprised about that but why can’t she step down at the airport…? but, all that matter is she’s very confident about it so i can’t say no to that. I walk toward her and smile lightly.

“Hey, Alisa!!!, Nice to meet you again! and you look healthy.”

“AAAA! HYE-BIN!!! hehehe long time no see ! i miss you so much! and thanks for picking me up.” Hye-Bin hugs me and i laugh, looks like i really do miss her.

“It’s fine! Anything for you, Alisa! okay-okay! you must be tired, let’s get going! My car is parked over there, and it’s different from the last time, you’ll love it.” I giggles, this girl, Park Hye-Bin is a very down-to-earth third-generation chaebol daughter but she change her car every 3 months or less…, quicker that i change my hair color, so i’m not surprised at all. Hye-bin is a very educated girl, so we sometimes mix up our language between Hanguk-eo and English.

On the way to our apartment.
“So, i have something to tell you. Don’t be shocked, okay?” Hye-bin told me.

“Hmm? what is it? Something bad happen?” i asked nervously.

“Mm, not that bad, well, Do you remember when i took a break cause of personal matter? So, about that personal matter, my parents match me up with for company interests.”

“WHAT!? Then what happen? ” i asked Hye-Bin, Shocked, almost like screaming in her ears.

“Of course I’m against it. What era is now? i should find my own happiness, not from some unreasonable match making.” she explained with a little angrier voice. “But, do you remember the guy that i have a crush on?” she asked me again.

“Owh, is that why you look stressful at that time? yeah!? What happen with him?” Well, ofc i remembered, Hye-bin is very different from other rich daughter that like to wasting her parents money, have different guys every time. Hye-bin liked only one guy through half of her college life, but i didn’t know where she met him, she never told me.

“Apparently, His name is Kim Si-Hyun oppa, he study about tech, 2 years older from us, blood type are O, then…” Before she finished her sentence, i cut off the conversation.

“Wait, wait, wait! How do you know that much? Did you check his background? ARE YOU CRAZY !” i literally screamed again at her. She laughed.

“LOL! NO! kkkkkkkk, you watch too many dramas, He is one of the guy that is arranged to me !” she explain happily.

“Woah! how?” i ask with disbelief.

“So, When i was told that I’m going to be married off, i was told that i have to go to dozens of blind date, it’s like an audition! Arghh! talking about it still make me angry, so i vent my heart out to oppa, my brother, and he persuade my mom to reduce it to 5 people, somehow my mom got persuaded and she talk to my dad, and my dad arrange 5 company that’ll help our company the most, when my brother told me that it has been reduced to 5 time blind date, i somehow got relieved and sad at the same time, I’m relieved that i don’t have to go to dozens of dates and i’m sad about this guy that i have crush on.”

“So? did you go to all 5 blind dates?” i ask curiously.

“NOPE, i get to 3 dates.” and then she explain again. “On, the first and second’s date i already have no spirit in it, but on the third ones, i liked the third guy lol, and i told my dad about that and i didn’t have to go to the remaining dates.”

“Then? How about this Si-Hyun oppa?”

“The third guy is this Si-hyun oppa!!!” she screamed happily “When Si-hyun oppa graduated, he supposed to take over company, but because he studied tech, he didn’t want to directly take over, so he and his dad compromised and he’s told to have a political marriage to strengthen his power in the company, so he told his dad about me and at the same time I’m going to be married off, so yeah…”

“but, how did he know you? you guys didn’t know each other?” i ask her, confuse.

“When we were kids we’ve met at some party and got close, but i somehow forget about him but he didn’t. Then when i met him again, he remember me but i didn’t seems so, he told me he’s a lil’ bit disappointed but when i told him that i liked him when we met again and he told me he have liked me since childhood. I’m so happy!!!!” She does look very happy, seeing that makes me happy too. At the same time, we arrived at our apartment.

“Alright, thanks for driving me! I’m really happy for you!” i said happily.

“No problem, sometimes you helped me too, thanks anyway, kekekeeke, alright you’ve come from far away you need to rest. the unpacking can be done tomorrow and we’ll go to university tomorrow right? GO, GO, GO, SLEEP!” she said with a directing tone.

“Okay! good night! Dream of me.” i said while laughing.

In the morning i wake at 10.00 am and let me tell you, I’m not really a morning person. hmm? i didn’t see Hye-bin at her bed maybe she’s in the kitchen cooking breakfast for us. So i walked around the apartment and this place haven’t change a little bit, still the same white colour wall, still the same bed, sofa, nothing’s changed except me.

“Alisa? Are you awake? I’m in the kitchen!”

“Yeah! i just wake up! wait a moment, I’m taking a bath!” i answer her with a little screaming. I quickly done what i’m currently doing and head to the kitchen.

“TADA!! Toast and sunny-side, your favorite!” she hands me a plate with toast and sunny side.

“Yay! My favorite!” i answer her not excitedly. ” I just got back from London you know? Do you think i want to eat toast and sunny side? I eat it everyday there.” i said jokingly with an angry tone.

“Hahahaha! but it’s korean style toast and sunny side!” she tease me.

“I don’t want korean style! i want korean dish!” then I frown.

“Oh! Oh! Oh! look at you! acting like a baby! Tomorrow mom will cook for you korean food with 12 side dishes, okay? ugugugugu.” she tease me again and i laugh

“LOL. 12 dishes is too tiring. I only need 1 that is delicious, but this toast is sure delicious.” i munch the toast deliciously and Hye-bin smiles proudly

“Ah! I just remembered! I think i can’t come with you to re-roll cause i need to manage something first after that I’ll go myself so you didn’t need to wait for me.”

“Oh! alright, it’s okay i can go by myself you just do what you have to do.”

“You will to go to the big library right?”

“Yap, i want to see if they’re hiring, i like working there and there have many books that i love.”

“oops. I really don’t understand book-lover.” she giggles “I think i can pick you up from library, chat me when you’re done, okay? okay! I’ll go now, byeee.”

“Okaaaayy, bye, be careful okay!?”

No answer, yep, she left. Alright! I need to go to, I’ll go to university first,then buy a cup of coffee from nearby cafe, and go to library. Ah ! maybe i’ll go to KAFFEE, i used to buy there when i was working at library and i love their coffee. I take a bus to the university and after I’m done re-roll, i walked to KAFFEE bought a cup of caramel macchiato , a sip sweet things hyped me up so much that i can fly, after that i walked again to library. The university, the cafe and the library are all in one way. In the library i asked the manager if they’re hiring for any spot and luckily they have. I am so happy that i can work at the library again, and the manager is the same manager when i was working there so we kinda know each other.

“So, nice to meet you again, Alisa! did you know how shock i was when suddenly your roommate come told me that you’re quitting? she told me that something’s happen to you. Are you feeling okay now?” she asked me outside of the library

“Hahahaha! I’m feeling fine now, it’s okay. Thanks for your concern.”

After we talked for a moment, and i send a message to Hye-bin to pick me up when she’s done. I go inside the library and walk down the shelves of book to search for my favorite book to bring back the memories when i was working here. I love reading book at the corner of the library that’s facing the street. As i read pages and pages of the books, i takes a breaks and staring at the street with people doing their activity it’s like my very own view. My eyes follow the passers-by and it’s spot a suspicious man standing next to the light pole, right in front of my eyes. I frown, what an insane man! who wears a hat, a mask and black long coat at this beautiful daylight, i shakes my head a little and accidentally ours eyes met, surprised by that i quickly pretending to read my book again when i think he’s ignoring me i slowly look at him again. Strange!

Why is he keep looking at me? am i going to be kidnapped? no way! i just got back here and did nothing wrong. My head is thinking hard, then i quickly grab my phone and ask Hye-bin where is she waiting for her answer, i look at the man again, he kept fixing his hat and look around afraid of people recognizing him then ours eyes met again, his eyes gazing at me sadly and at the very moment i know who is he!

It’s him! i was so shocked that my hand are trembling. What should i do? my head keep thinking what i should do and when that men try walk over to me, i saw hye-bin car, i quickly ran over her car as i feel my tears fell down on my cheeks and quickly wipe my it. When i open the library door, i heard someone screaming.


I quickly walk down the street and open hye-bin car door and quickly get inside.

“Woah! Woah! Woah! you surprised me! i just want to message you to come out when i see the crowd, i thought there’s some kind of celebrity here. Did you see who is it?”

“I already see your car. i heard they scream Ju-ho? i don’t know. Let’s go, I’m tired.”

“Oh! Park Ju-ho? How can he come here? alright-alright! while I’m driving, you can rest.”

What should i do? What should i do? he already know I’m here. What if all of the horrible things happen to me again? I can’t take it twice. It’s so horrible. It’s terrific! I’m so afraid.




ch 1 end~