4 thoughts on “TDDLITW Ch.39

  1. Comments are disabled in the chapter itself, so:

    *Help.つか、殺した後じゃ目の前もクソもねーだろうが(.Tsu ka, koroshita nochi ja me no mae mo kuso mo ne ̄darouga.)
    tips: つか = to iu ka
    じゃ = de ha
    ねー = nai
    i.e.[a bit liberal] “I mean, what shit is that after you got killed.”

    *Yeah, no idea on this one. Original: アンドレ、『は』『に』『ほ』の『9』『10』『11』に『フロガカタストロフィ』発現.( `Andore,“wa”“ni” “ho” no “9 ” “10” “11” ni “furogakatasutorofi” hatsugen’)
    ^-These are coordinates. Think of it like a extended chess board, with rows and columns designed byletters and numbers, but instead of using the alphabet, he’s using the Iroha (Iro ha nihoheto / Chirinuru wo / Wa ka yo tare so / Tsune naramu / Uwi no okuyama / Kefu koete / Asaki yume mish / Wehi mo sesu).

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