The Dungeon Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.34

The first human is a princess-sama!?


[Master, intruder-desu]


It’s really crowded, huh.

[This time is from the true continent. There are 76 human-desu]

“Aaa, so it’s like that. If a Demon Lord came, human does too.”

But, it will be a little bad like this. After all, some of Kochon’s troop is still lost in the dungeon. And now we need to pay attention to two side at the same time.

I hope this will end peacefully.

“Let’s just check it for now. Etto, check, human being.”

And then, i saw a group of armor wearing people carefully advancing to the entrance of the Great Wall Labyrinth.

Let’s be really careful here.

“Somehow, it’s hard to speak…”

[Master, it’s your job-desu.]

“I don’t really want to be short tempered and stupid like Cochon, though.”

[I also don’t want to hear any stupid statement for my mental health. Therefore, please do not speak as much as possible, master.]

“Don’t say i’m stupid.I’m aware of it”

[You can’t be saved even if you’re aware of it. It’s a crime for a fool to do foolish thing. And, to still being foolish is a punishment-desu.]

“Your poisonous tongue too, aren’t it getting more poisonous!?”
It’s enough. Let’s just ignore it.

I take a microphone, and start talking to the armor wearing people.

“Aaa, test, test. It’s a fine weather today. Red pajamakipamamaaomamama.

Good afternoon everybody, Demon Lord Amduuucias-desu.”

I got a little angry when talking to Kochon before. So I’ll start being polite this time.

“Welcome to my dungeon.

I’m sorry for all of you that come all the way over here, but currently there is no escape route in this dungeon. Once you enter, it will be impossible to escape. I will not be able to guarantee the lives of everyone.

Invasion is not recommended. Please go home.”
This should do it. Fufu, i can actually do it if i try.

[Master, why are you touching their nerves in such silly way-desu?]


No, I did it, right?

I properly talked in honorifics you know!?

[I’m touched by your polite greeting and advice]

Among the humans, a female knight bowed toward the speaker.


How is it, Andre! My way of talking is decent!


After that, the female knight started to speak.

[I am the Knight Commander of the Amuhamura Kingdom, Trisha Lily Amuhamura.

As the name suggest, i am a royalty from the Amuhamura Kingdom.

This time, we came as a messenger to Your Majesty Amducias, the 13th Demon Lord. I beg in earnest, may you show yourself before us?]

“Eh!? A princess!?”



[Your disguise is immediately peeled off, huh]

While enduring Andre’s sarcasm, I check the princess who named herself Trisha one more time.
I see.
I didn’t notice it immediately because of the silver armor and dirt that covered her when coming here but, that cut short golden hair and her face has dignity in it. And she seems to be at least 20 years old.




Oops, I unconsciously went silent when i’m looking at her.


“Nn. I was just consulting with my friend. If there are no inconvenience at your side, i would like to summon you here.

For myself to go over there, is as expected, will be really careless of me”


Actually i would like to talk to someone, but i’m not gonna go there directly.


With “Summon”, she won’t be able to get out from the summoning formation, and if she refuse to be my allies, I can just return her.



However, if I did not return, please understand that not only my country, but the whole true continent, will be Your Majesty’s enemy.]


“There’s no need to worry. I have no intention to harm you, and if possible, I would like to have a friendly relationship.”


I said so, and start to operate the smartphone.


Aa, but let’s call Paimon here first.

But I’m not really familiar with this world.


Furufuru…, I wonder if it’s okay to be a little noisy.
But I’m out of companion….


And this is how, my first human relationship began.

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