The Dungeon Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.33 part 2

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Trisha Lily Amuhamura.

Her mother is from a poor fishing village at the northern end of the Amuhamura Kingdom.

Why did such a woman give birth to a princess?

It is supposed to be a royal family’s secret affair, but to tell you the truth, all Amuhamura people know about it.

32 years ago, the 11th Demon Lord Cochon led an army to invade the true continent.
the place is, of course, the Kingdom of Amuhamura.

Even with a very severe defensive battle, it still caused a large number of casualties on both sides and ended in a painful manner.

It would have been nice if it all ended, but both Avui religion and the idiots in the center decided to invade the Demon Lord.

The already exhausted Amuhamura Kingdom was hit by an unprecedented food shortages due to food aid and conscription.

Moreover, the expeditionary force who triumphantly invaded the “Blood Tears of the Demon King” was unable to properly fight due to the harsh environment, and quickly retreated. The Amuhamura army, who was used to the cold, dejectedly came back with them.

This is the reason why Avuiism is hated like a snake in Amuhamura Kingdom.

Those people, they just eat and drink at Amuhamura at their way back and forth. The damage to the military is even worse because Amuhamura troop have to serve after the idiots who could not fight in the cold.

And then, in the retreating army, begin a fate of mischief for a king.

Naturally, Amuhamura soldiers tried to withdraw the king first, but the king stubbornly refuse. And they only start to finally withdraw after the expeditionary force retreated.

Moreover, with only a few hands, so that the strength of the castle is not reduced as much as possible.

However, with a stroke of bad luck, the retreating king is attacked by monsters.

The king, who was wounded by a powerful monster, prepared for his death among his dead soldier.

At that moment, a woman who later became Princess Trisha’s mother appeared before the king.

The woman, treated the king, even if she will be covered in blood.The woman, treated the king,

The woman, continued to treat the king, despite the fact that her fishing village suffered from the Demon Lord’s invasion, and suffered from food difficulties because of the expedition.

She gave her own food to the king, gave him cheap magical treatment, and devoted herself to nurse him until he recovered.

In a sense, it would be inevitable that the king would be attracted to her.
But, the king have work to do. If he could not overcome this critical food shortage, the Amuhamura Kingdom could only wait for its destruction.

The king handed her several rings that will aid her life, made a firm promise to reunite and returned to the royal capital.

Twelve years later, an unfathomable report was sent to the king, who despite losing many lives due to food shortages, managed to minimize the damage.
A 10 year old girl passed the Knights exam.

The king is really interested with the report.

The Knights exam is a harsh test in which more than half of adults fail.

For a child to break through it, is unnatural.

The king, who saw the girl, was surprised and lost his words for a while.

Because the girl’s features is too similar, to the woman whom he promised to meet again.

The king shook off his subject who tried to stop him, and ran to the girl.

After all, that girl was the child of that woman.

The king told the girl that he wanted to see her mother, but the girl quietly shook her head.

Taking out a few rings from her bosom, the girl said.

Her mother’s grave quietly stood at the fishing village where they met.

The king wailed without care of the public eye.

The strong king who did not give in to the Demon Lord cried like a child and asked in front of her grave.
Why you didn’t take care of yourself?

Why you didn’t live until the reunion?

Why you didn’t rely on me when you had a child?

Why you didn’t sell the ring and live a rich life with the money?

Why you didn’t ask for my help?

The one who was there the earliest, was the Amuhamura hero king.

*Not so sure about this one (最早そこに居たのは、英雄アムハムラ王で)

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