The Dungeon Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.33 part 1

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Circumstances of a certain princess

Trisha Lili Amuhamura.

Amuhamura’s royalty, the fourth princess, and the Knight leader of the kingdom.

Half of her life, was suddenly filled with drastic events.

“Vice-leader, it’s time to take a break. The Demon Lord is ahead, it will be a problem if the soldier is exhausted.”

“Acknowledged. Team leader of each team, hear me. There will be a break for one hour, but be careful to not get too relaxed.”

The leader’s word are repeated all around as I prepare a simple tent.

At this place, “Blood Tears of the Demon Lord”, it takes a lot of time and effort just to take a rest.

“Vice-leader, any change of the situation?”

“There is a wall that was previously not confirmed, 15km ahead. Perhaps it was the work of the 13th Demon Lord.”

“A wall, you said?”

“Yes, a strong wall of about 20 meter in height. Destroying it would be difficult, but…”

She hesitated with a puzzled expression on her face.


“Yes. Destroying it would be hard, but breakthrough seem possible.”

Wrinkles on her face is increasing as if she have some doubt on the situation.

“What do you mean by that? Wait, before that, for this expedition, we don’t want to provoke the Demon Lord as much as possible. Wouldn’t it be better if we don’t force our way through?”

“No, that’s…”

I went and told her the report of the scout unit as it was.

Anyway, stairs are set up in the open area of the wall, so it seems easy to get inside.

In addition, a gate can be seen at the top of the wall, and it seem like going there is possible.

We are searching for other entrances on the walls, but there’s no report yet.

Of course, the scout unit was being careful to not get too close to the wall. Since we do not know the temperament of the 13th Demon Lord , we have to refrain from careless contact.

This expedition is for investigation purposes only, and any fight should be avoided as much as possible.
After the report, I went to silence. As it is necessary to hear the opinion of the captain of the expedition corps.

With a fearless expression, she’s lost in thought.
She, the princess of the Amuhamura Kingdom, has a short hair, like a man, as if she declared herself as a soldier.

Well, of course, she has the appearance of a princess, an extraordinary one at that. though it’s a bit unusual for a girl to have hair that doesn’t even reach the shoulder.

At best, a child or a woman who lost her hair for some reason. But even they are ashamed for having a short hair.

Well, i should not have any feelings for her, my superior, who is also originally a princess.

She is really beautiful.

with a line going from her ear to her delicate fragile-like chin.

Adorning a silver armor, with her slender nape peeking from the gaps between her hair.

A hairstyle that emits a beastly feelings along with a golden luster, it suited her very well.

“Vice-leader, I think the staircase is an entrance that is prepared by the Demon Lord, but what do you think?—-hm? Hey, what are you doing?”

“ah,n-no, it’s nothing!”

What are you doing, me. Staring at Captain’s good looking face until late to respond.

It’s really embarrassing and shameful, and my face is probably red.

“Are you okay, Vice-leader? If you’re not feeling well, go to the relief unit.”

“N, no. It’s okay. There’s no problem whatsoever.”

“Is that so? I think that your face is awfully red. It’ll trouble me if you fall now. Go to the relief unit later. This is an order.”

I felt bad to the Captain who is seriously worried.

“Oh. About the wall…”

I need to change the topic a bit forcefully here.

“I agree with the captain, but I do not know what traps will await us. I think that intruding the wall should be done carefully.”

“Yes. If anyone can easily enter, there is no point in building a wall in the first place.”

“They aim may be to gather their enemies in one place. Also, there are only a space for 20 people in a row at the stair. There is also a possibility for them to try and divide us and killing us one by one. It’s just that…”

“To leave it open like that, As expected we don’t know what they’re are planning.”


When building a castle wall, a gate is necessary to keep it from being isolated, and a certain size of the gate is important for the passage of goods and soldier.

But a wall is made to repel foreign enemies.

There’s no reason to make such a big entrance where anyone can easily enter.

“Well, the reason for it is not something that we can understand with just looking at it” *Dafuk is this.{まぁ、実際に見てみない事にはな………」}
“Yes. Monsters was spotted at the top of the wall, but no guards or other demons were found.”


The sudden sharp voice make me feel like a sword is pressed against my back.

“In other words, could you see monsters, but not the demons?”


“I see, I understand now. That wall was probably built for delaying. There’s gate everywhere, 20 meter high wall, along with monsters.”

“I see… That do make sense…”

With just a bit of information, she can unravel the whole purpose of that wall.

I look back at the captain with a new found respect.

“But if that’s the case, it will be a little troublesome.

Due to the delay work, it will be difficult to send a messenger to the other party. In this cold, I don’t really want to think about how long it takes to make a round trip.”
“Certainly. If possible, it would be best if the other party sent a messenger at the same time as our intrusion.”

“that is………”

I thought it was a joke, and I almost laughed.

The captain didn’t forget, but the opponent is a Demon Lord. Rather, we should worry about sending soldier first.

“Fufu. I know it’s a hopeless story. But, aren’t you interested? Three days ago, a shrine maiden came to inform our country about the birth of a Demon Lord. After a long estimation, the Demon Lord here is about one month old. In that short time, it’s a Demon Lord that able to build this much. As a soldier, it’s very interesting.

“That’s true …”

If the unavoidable delay work is taken up to this point, it will certainly have a good evaluation from a soldier.

Above all, it is impossible for humans to do in terms of time. No, even with the help of an elf that is good at magic, or a highly capable beastman, or a dragonewt, It is impossible to happen in this short time.

But that is why this Demon Lord is dangerous.

This time, if this expedition didn’t happen, this delay work would only been found for the first time when invading the Demon Lord.

At that time, there is probably no option to withdraw.

After all, it will be an official decree of the Avui religion’s shitty pope. *-shrug-(アヴィ教)

“First of all, once we arrive at the wall, we should send a messenger to the home country at once.

Should something happen to us, we would be able to bring back the information about that wall”

“That’s right, the selection of the messenger is left up to you. However, weak people are prohibited. Give priority to the messenger and return as fast as possible.”

“Roger that”

In other words, she did not want weak people to die.


Originally, you are the one who must be in the safest place.


Well, that’s why she’s the aspiration of the Amuhamura people.



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