The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.32


It’s chapter 32!

As usual, it was googled translated, and I blindly guessed the sentence! I am very sorry!
But really, the amount of sentence i can’t understand is rising. Why i can’t understand Japanese…

Anyway, enjoy.




The Spirit of The Bath’s Treatment !?

*Yup, I need help for the title. Original.( お風呂の精霊の使い方っ!?)


One of the Solomon’s 72 demon pillar, ranked 34th. It appeared in the form of a deer, teach people various secrets, and causes love between a man and a woman. The demon of liars.

It’s that’s Undine’s name.

Well, I just casually named it.

When it became a slime, it’s body goes purupuru, when it became a human it goes barubaru.* wtf is this, somebody help. Original :(スライム形態の時は体がぷるぷるだし、人間形態の時はばるんばるんだからな。)

Today is the third day since the attack of Demon Lord Cochon Kanzeir Guruni.

Cochon are clearing the Labyrinth of Trust steadily.

Looking at Cochon’s stats, I wonder if I’ll be able to deal even a single wound at him.

But well, as promised, I’ll let him hit me once if he cleared the labyrinth.

That will never happen, though.

Leaving that aside, right now is Furfur.

“Didn’t i tell you? Flooding the field is not okay.”

“How much is flooded, or how much is not flooded. I really don’t know the meaning!”

I have been teaching Furfur things here recently.

I’m leaving the dungeon alone for the first time, and right now i was doing field maintenance.

In any case, it takes time and effort because it’s a vast land.

I am doing it somehow by borrowing the hands of the goblin who moved into the village.

Those goblin were trembling in fear at the beginning, but after seeing the new residence and a lot of fish available, they welcomed it.*I shotgunned it! Original:(ゴブリンは、初めはビクビクと怯えていたが、新しい住居と、大量の魚を見てからゴキゲンだ。)

Un un.

If they are working that happily, I’m glad that I employed them.

The goblins were in charge of field work and rice cultivation in the newly made rice field.

Iyaa, as I thought, I really want to eat it, huh. Rice.

Conveniently, the goblins seems have done rice cultivation from the past days, and those fields were transferred to here as well.

Nothing is impossible for a Dungeon Master.

A lie, a lie. I just used a the dungeon’s rebuilding function for a bit.

It was a rice that has resistance to cold, which doesn’t exist on earth, the harvest rate in “Blood Tears of The Demon King” is bad as I thought, but they have nothing else to make, it was a rice plant that the goblins have been protecting secretly. I just want to put the rice fields on the right track somehow.

Right now, the temperature around here is drastically changing, I just hope that it doesn’t affect the rice field that much.

Speaking of rice cultivation, water is needed.

Speaking of water, there are a spirit of water, Undine.

Thinking that, I was teaching Furfur about farming and rice cultivation, but it has more problem than what I imagined.

First of all, the paddy field is overflowing with water, a large amount of water was sprinkled in the field, and it was swept away by the canal.* I don’t understand the sentence. Original :(まずは水田から水を溢れさせ、畑に大量の水を撒き、用水路に流された。)

Mou, for real, she was lacking more common sense than I am.

Anyway, I feel depressed a little. So, I’ll go shut myself in the bath.

It was okay for now.*need help. Original:(今も正にそうだった。)

“Furfur~, come out right now. We can’t take a bath if you doesn’t”

“Furfur, everyone can made a mistake. For such a small thing, Cias-sama won’t be angry or ended up hating you, you know~”

[Furfur, you are completely surrounded. Do obediently surrender. ]

My friends, even though they are trying to persuading things from the dressing room somehow, there is no response.

A~a………, I miss the nostalgic feeling of Paimon’s hands. Come to think about it, Paimon hasn’t been causing any problems till now.

Thanks to that, I was able to concentrate on dungeon building.

This time, lets give her some reward.

Furfur is sitting on the bath while keeping the hot water run without any limit, so I can’t open the door.

If by any chance, this is an ordinary house in Japan, this is where they will be crying over the water and gas bills.

Good thing this is an another world……….

However, although there is enough water, the energy used to warm it is limited.

At this rate, I’ll have to stop the water supply, after all, I don’t want to look this spoiled child’s painful eyes.

“Furfur, at this rate, Cias-sama will really hate you, you know?

After all, Cias-sama really liked this bath. ”

U~n, Paimon has a little strange way of persuading. If you said that to a child, she will just become more obstinate.

“I hate it when Cias get immediately angry! Furfur hate Cias!”


Za ー ー ー.* What? Original: ザーーーー。
“U~waah! wait-, wait a sec-, Paimon!?

Paimon opens the door suddenly and hot water flows into the dressing room.

A~a~a~. Cleaning is going to be bad. A lot of steam is coming in and it will be full of mold if you leave it alone.

At this situation, Paimon goes forward without care. She approached the edge of the bathtub, and thrust her arm into the bathtub.

“What are you trying to do!?” Furfur is-”

Furfur whose neck is grabbed tight by Paimon are trying to release herself by scattering.* Please help. original : ( パイモンに首根っこを掴まれたフルフルが、湯船から持ち上げられると同時に喚き散らそうとした。)

But, faster than that,

“— Do not say you hate people easily !!!”

Paimon’s loud voice reverberated in the large bath as the sound resounded.

“I have been hated by others for a long time since I was born. To be hated is painful, sad, very disgusting.

Do not say it as joke or a whim, absolutely! ! ”

It seems that Paimon’s dozens of sermons have echoed to the ground, rather than inside the temple.* Yup, i need another help. Original:(

Me? I was cleaning the dressing room.

“Cias, I am very sorry … … … … Paimon is, is very scary”

After the sermon is complete, Furfur obediently came out from the bathroom.

I immediately averted my eyes and not looking through my eyelids.*Okay, I give up. Someone, help. Original:(若干涙目なのは見て見ぬ振りをしてやる。)

“Yeah, I won’t do it anymore.”

“Ee~ … … … … I understand”

From now on, Paimon decides to be a full-fledged educator.

From that time on, those orcs and goblins, start to be nice to Paimon.

What a nice guy.

10 thoughts on “The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.32

  1. It seems that Python’s dozens of sermons have echoed to the ground, rather than inside the temple

    Python’s? maybe Paimon?

    “After the sermon is complete, Furfur obediently came out from the bathroom.

    I will make a swing without looking at my eyelids.”

    when you in that kind of scene, a naked girl suddenly come out, what will you do with your eyes? maybe you avert your eyes to other place without avoiding to look at her body? so if combined with your previous word “I will make a swing without looking at my eyelids.” it will become “I avert my eyes without looking through my eyelids.? or maybe not 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


    1. It seems that Python’s dozens of sermons have echoed to the ground, rather than inside the temple
      i actually not sure about the temple thing.
      And, yeah that sound right.


  2. But really, the amount of sentence i can’t understand is rising. Why i can’t understand Japanese… <- because you google translate without working enough on the basics (and notworking on colloquial speech); google translating has the magic of making someone less and less proficient in one language the more they use it.


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