The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.31 Part 2

Translator Note:

At last, finished translating(editing) this chapter.
I really don’t want to see any kanji for a while.

As usual, this chapter is google translated, then i changed the words a bit so that it will be be a bit more understandable.(Is this really okay? It’s not like i changed the meaning but, i changed the sentence’s structure and even added some words. Is it really okay?)

Anyway, enjoy.

Part 2

That is probably two weeks ago.

Food has run out, the member of the corps starved to death, one after another.

Occasionally, a monster appeared, it will be killed and sucked to the bones with momentum.

However, the number is overwhelmingly small.

The army corps, for the exit of the labyrinth, searched for monsters to be killed.

Hunger, which has risen to the maximum, deprives calm judgement and fostered careless action.

Actually, a few people have already been killed just by a simple trap.

However, there are one more unfinished problem, water shortage.

The thirst for water can be solved by drinking the blood of monster and subordinate that has died, but that also have it’s limit.

Treasure boxes that appears occasionally is also malicious.

The treasure box, contain things like water and food, but the amount is really not enough to cover the corps.

One serving of food and water, has to be split into five portion.

Except this one, a conflict often occurred because of the allocation of food of the rest four people.

All of this, to think it was that demon lord’s intention, this one’s heart emit murderous intent.

He was really, an underhanded person.

The occasional emerging treasure box, that strange instrument, that castle as well, will all be taken, and will be ripped to shreds.


There is a battle sound nearby. It seems like, this one’s subordinate, were fighting something.

This one, headed to the origin of the sound in order to join the battle.

There, the member of the corps were killing each other.

This scene, aren’t it the fourth times already? Probably, a dispute over the distribution of food and prey, and escalated into killing.

This one’s unit, has this one’s absolute command. Therefore, these squabs do not occur, but it is not the same as the other units.

This one, quickly kills all of those who are fighting, and eat their flesh and blood.

Good grief, what a stupid fellow.

This one, advance further.

The people of the corps also, the speed of their walking grew with their swelling belly and thirsty throat.

At a curved place, an another unit was encountered.

Apparently, it seems to be an unit with many heavy soldiers, and seems to have a morale higher than other unit.

At that time, when this one tried to command joining,

This one’s troops, attacked the joining unit.

After killing the attacker, and somehow put order into place, the number of troops became less before joining.

At last, this one’s people reached the end of this labyrinth.

This was written on the door.

“Labyrinth of trust”

“When you are really starving, the essence of a person is exposed.

The comrade beside you, are they really a comrade?”

This one, glared at the castle floating in the sky.

How unpleasant! !

While swearing inside my heart to certainly kill that demon lord, I placed my hands on the door.

“Labyrinth of puzzle”

“Labyrinth of illusion and traps.

Where is it to be aimed? ”

So it’s still continues.

Apparently, not only This one thought about that.

Because some of the subordinate, suddenly turned around against This one, and raised his sword.

“Cochon-sama, we will kill you,and then beg Amduscias-sama for help. Don’t get me wrong”

To say that.

To This one.

What a stupid thing to do.

“Even if you don’t starve without eating, even though you are not thirsty without drinking, in this dilemma you neglected us, starving us.

I, do not think you as a comrade! ! ”

Following the traitor’s statement, several cowards drew their sword.

This one, read the letters of the door one more time.

“Labyrinth of trust”

“When you are really starving, the essence of a person is exposed.

The comrade beside you, are they really a comrade?”

I see.

This is, the last test of this labyrinth.

Walking through the vast labyrinth, while being exhausted, starving, thirsty, and at the end of that an another labyrinth is waiting.

The despair, that has accumulated along with frustration, changed into hatred, and was aimed at his comrade.

I see, indeed.

The Labyrinth of Trust, what a strange thing to say.

Without a doubt, the brain of Amduscias who built this must be rotten.

Well, you can ascertain his character from traps like this. * Shotgunned it! Original(このような性格の悪い罠ばかりを仕掛けられるものだ。)

That bastard, he is tough like a devil, has a bad nature like a human being, and a coward like an insect. * Again, this sentence is blindly guessed! Original:(奴こそは、悪魔のように強かで、人間のように意地の悪い、虫けらのような臆病者だ。)

While thinking about such things, This one killed all of the rebels.

In the new labyrinth there are traps such as pitfalls and fishing ceilings, and it seems to be harder than the previous labyrinth.

However, we aim for the castle as the target.

While thinking about ways to kill that demon lord.

Two more weeks later, our corps has reduced the number to about ten people.

Many people were killed by traps and monsters.

Moreover, no matter how you proceed, any exit can’t be found.

Even if you are aiming for the castle, you seems to go into the opposite direction.

And then, This one suddenly remembered.

“Where is it to be aimed? ”

Perhaps it is impossible to arrive at the exit while aiming for the castle.

The thing with that demon lord with a bad personality. I already had enough.

This one, ceased aiming for the castle and search for stairs to go down to the basement the moment this one saw one.

Apparently, it seems to be the correct answer.

It took four days of searching, and when the stairs was finally found, this were written at the door when you came down the stairs.

“Labyrinth of puzzle”

“What is visible is not everything.

Even I can not see it * Original: 見えないも. As usual please help.


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