The Dungeon Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.31 Part 1

Translator Notes:

In case you are wondering why is this chapter is split to parts, i have several excuses.

1.It’s FREAKING long. like, 3 times longer than the last two(probably).
2.I just downloaded a visual novel and i can’t wait to play it.
3.The frequency of words i can’t understand increased.
4.I actually changed how i translated things this time. The last two chapter was      translated with almost no changing of the word, but this time i changed the words even added some so that it’s(probably) easier to understand. I didn’t change the meanings of course. Just things like changing ‘thought’ into ‘thought transmission’ or something.  Tell me in the comment if you want me to continue doing this or not.
5.It’s long, okay? i spent 5 hours translating(editing) half of this.

Anyway, Enjoy.


Being the first one to climb up the wall, this one’s eyes widened by the view.

“What … … …”

A transparent, magnificent castle is floating in the air.

As if transparent to the sun and the sky, a sparkling shining castle.
And a thin stone surrounding it, extends all the way in all directions to the “Blood Tears of the Demon King”, it is indeed fantastic.*need help. Original(周囲を取り巻く細い石材も、『魔王の血涙』の四方八方まで延びていて、実に幻想的である。)
This one, forgot his anger to Amduscias for a while, as this one gazed at the stunning castle.
This one wonder how long it has been, and scolded the engrossed corps.

“What are you doing !! Those who can fly in the sky, fly to that castle right now! The rest go with the land route !
To make such an conspicuous castle, let that fellow remember his error !!”

To this one’s angry roar, every one rushed to start the preparations.

Promptly, this one saw off the subordinates who flew from the walls, and when we tried to advance, a change took place.

“Co, Coachon !! That !!”

As this one turns to the voice of the one of the subordinate,

There, there was a sight that the flying units that flew away fell onto the ground one by one like insects.

To the ground from the high partition of the wall, another, and another fell again.

“What happened !?”

“I do not know! The people of the flight troops suddenly lost consciousness and they crashed.”

There is really no other way. It’s irritating !!

This one, decided to travel along the road along with the remaining subordinates.

As for the road, the existence of the previous flight troops progressed without a dash like a lie.* need help. Original (陸路は、先程の飛行部隊の有り様が嘘のように、呆気なく進めた。)

However, in the course of this one-way road, a gate which always appears one by one is irritating. Just by activating simple mechanisms, we can advance, but it is annoying to be stopped one after another.

Although flying monster attack occasionally, it’s not to the extent that is difficult for the corps.

However, it is an excessively long path.
It has been three days since this one entered to this wall.

Finally, the end of the wall was reached.

Perhaps this wall was built for the purpose of delaying the enemy.

Practically, in this 3 days this one were made to traverse “Blood Tears of the Demon King”.

“Amduscias, you bastard………. !!”

Muttering words of curse, this one descended the stairs of the wall.

Some people of the corps, because of fatigue, was wounded by monsters.

Really, how extremely weak. Speaking of demons, they are too weak to be compared with demon kings as expected.

This one, stood before the door that stands in front of this one.

It is written on the door as follows.

“Labyrinth of trust”

“To go further ahead, trust with fellows friends is essential.

Make friends only with true friends, go ahead. ”

How absurd.

This one, ordering the subordinate, decided to first send a reconnaissance.

“Mr. Cochon, Apparently it seems like this entrance has a mechanism to be locked when more than five people try to open it at once. ”

To that report, this one clicked my tongue in return.

Apparently this time, it seems that it tries to divide us this time

However, how stupid. Such a thing, it’s fine if you join at the other side of the door.

“First of all, the reconnaissance team enters and come back as soon as safety can be confirmed.

Gather at the inner part of the door! ! ”

The corps reply at a uniform voice.

It has been tens minutes since five people of the reconnaissance team’s entered the door.

The reconnaissance team did not come back.

Have they died by a trap?

Trying to send the next reconnaissance team, they tried to open the door, but the door did not budge.*Please help.Original:(次の偵察班を送ろうと、扉を開けようとするが、扉はびくともしなかった。;)

Even if five people try to open it, trying to open it one by one , conversely trying to open it with dozens of people.

The door did not open until three hours passed.

This one will send a reconnaissance team again to the door which has opened.

This time, this one will sent a person with a telepathic skill so that this one can get in touch.

After a while,

(Mr. Cochon, I understood why the first group did not return)

(What happened?)

(There are 10 doors in the other side of the door, seems to be connected to different places)

(Then wait on the spot and wait for the next)

(No, a lot of water is flowing into this corridor, we will drown if you wait for the next)

(Eh!! What a shrewd hand !!)

(We will go to the first door from the right, let’s join in there)

(I see, pay attention fully.)

(Roger that)

This one end the thought transmission and tell the subordinate about the mechanism behind the door.

If it passes within the army corps, the morale of those who is hesitating will also rise.

Three hours passed again and the next unit was sent.


(Mr. Cochon, the next unit did not come, has any problems arisen?)

To the telepathic communication that entered the second time, this one was irritated.

Why, why did you not enter the first door from the right you fool !! This is the opponents trap!!*please help.Original:(なぜ、一番右の扉に入らなかったのだ愚か者共!!これでは相手の思う壺ではないかっ!!;)

Calm down the enraged heart, and make a corps to enter the first door from the right.

However, the next one, nor the next one, the reconnaissance and the next unit never joined.

At this moment, this one realised that it is a divisional work.

The next unit also could not join together, but the next unit after that seem to finally be able to join the reconnaissance team, then a thought transmission reached.

(Apparently the door I opened did open until 12 hours passed. I confirmed the door where the following group will not open.)*Please help. Original:(どうやら一度開けた扉は、12時間経過するまで開かないようです。後続班が開かない扉を確認しました)

(Is that so, the corps has been divided, but it is great that the information that almost all of the invading troops is alive was obtained. Continue to aim for joining with the others)

(Roger that)

This one, were able to confirm safety at last, and were able to send out the army corps.

Although we were confined, it became a good break for the army who was exhausted for three days.

We, finally sent all troops into this labyrinth, that we aimed.*please help.Original:(我輩達は、ようやく全ての部隊をこの迷宮とやらに送り込み、踏破を目指した。)

-Part 1 end


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