The Dungeon Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.30



Its my second chapter.
This chapter is 100% translated with google translate, so don’t expect much for it.
And i need some help with the translation and any advice is welcome.
Anyway, enjoy.




“Ah, TesuTesu. Do you hear that? ”

This one have invaded the inside of the castle wall.

There was a staircase in the open place, it was really easy.

If you put it inside easily, there is no meaning to this wall.

Maybe this demon is stupid.

When this one were thinking about such a thing, an idiotic voice sounded.

[Er, the invaders of the dungeon, I am the lord of this dungeon, Amduscias ]

Apparently the source of the voice seems to be the demon king.

That is fine. Right now, I will declare war and let him be frightened.

It is a natural course to a newcomer fool who has hurt this one’s plans.

However, the rude demon king kept talking without gaps between words.

[Er, this dungeon does not have a way to escape.

Once you break in, you will not be able to return.

In addition, we can not guarantee the intruder’s life.

We can not recommend intrusions. Please go home. ]

What is this provocation.

Its one thing if you apologise to this one, but to tell me to run with tails between the legs!?

“What a joke !!!”

this one drew the axe that had been put in my waist and hit the black object, which seems to be the source of the voice.

Gyi~n! !

A sharp metal sound sounded, but surprisingly there was not a single scar on the black object.
[Etto, you are an another demon king.

As a remainder, there is nothing to gain rampaging in other’s garden.

I am just saying that you should go home. ]

“Don’t be stupid!

This one will kill you!

If you understand, come here right now!! ”

At this one’s declaration, the corps who were in the surroundings also begins to release blood lust.

But the black objects remain silent.

This one wonder if he was afraid. Hum, after all it is a newcomer demon king.

………Hmm? No, slightly, a voice came out.

This one silenced the surrounding corps and listened to the voice.

[Oi Andre, what should I do, when they are four times as stupid as the others? ]

[I agree. After the declaration of killing, there was an ordering order. This will have to be dealt with as languages ​​do not pass. ]

[What do you think Paimon? ]

[Er … ………, Demon King Cocha, contrary to its valiance and courage, thinking is slightly ………]

[Haha! Paimon is right. ]

[Yes, it is exactly a strange thing to say]

[Well! Everyone is noisy from a while! If you are free, help me clean the bath! ]

“……… _! … … … … …__!”

In order to suppress the anger, this one hit the black object with an axe again.

There is only a high-pitched sound after all, there is no scar.

This one really don’t care anymore! !

“Well, well, that kind of cool or something. Even though I just kept silent, so short-tempered.

if you really do come in, I really do not know what will happen to you, you know? ”

“……… one, ……… there is one question”

With a quiet voice filled with frustration, This one asked.

This one can see that this one’s subordinate is trembling behind this one. Perhaps it was because of this one’s anger.

“… … … If this one go on this road … … … you will be there?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m here. That’s right, if you can come this far, I’ll let you attack once without any resistance. ”
At the last provocation, This one cut down a man that is trembling behind.

“Giyaaaaa !!”

He raises a sharp cry, and quickly died.

This one carried an axe wet with blood, and turned to it to this one’s subordinate.

“To be trembling at this degree, this one don’t need a cowardly soldier like that!! If you don’t want to be killed by this one, advance immediately!!”

the corps fall to silence, and this one declares with a nod.

“From now on, this one will go and kill that insolent fellow!!

Pursue Amduscias! !

Any means and methods is allowed! You can be as brutal as you can and drag out his organ alive!!

All troops, resumes advancement ! ! ”

The armies raises a shout and start advancing.

But from the black object,

“After all, the killing method is under appointment.”

“Master, to expect a logical speaking with him, is a violence like telling a fish to fly, you know?
“I know a fish called flying fish, though.”

“Otto, then he will be less than a fish,”

There was a flowing voice between us.

Thanks to that, one more person dropped out of our army.

Amduscias, this one will never forgive you.

*Google Translate says”missing voice”, dictionary says”flowing voice” i don’t know any better so please help. Original (間の抜けた声が響いた。)(Ma no nuketa koe ga hibiita)
**Please help. Original:(結局、殺す方法は指定付きなんだね』)
***I gave up on this. Somebody please help. Original:『僕はトビウオって魚を知ってるけどね』(“Boku wa tobiuo tte sakana o shitterukedo ne”)

9 thoughts on “The Dungeon Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.30

  1. *Google Translate says”missing voice”, dictionary says”flowing voice” i don’t know any better so please help. Original (間の抜けた声が響いた。)(Ma no nuketa koe ga hibiita)- Tagaini jisho (and I suppose all of the EDICT project, give 間の抜けた as “Idiotic, dolt, bonehead.” It means Amducias sound like an idiot.

    “After all, the way to kill is with designation“**Please help. Original:(結局、殺す方法は指定付きなんだね』) <- Something like "After all, the killing method is under appointment." (? I think I missed something in the context)

    “I know the fish is a fish***I gave up on this. Somebody please help. Original:『僕はトビウオって魚を知ってるけどね』(“Boku wa tobiuo tte sakana o shitterukedo ne”),” <- I know a fish called flying fish, though.


  2. Thank you very much for the chapter!
    It’s great to see this story picked back up, and this is much more understandable than a lot of other mtl sories I’ve come across.


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