9 thoughts on “Weakest Demon Lord Chapter 30

  1. *Google Translate says”missing voice”, dictionary says”flowing voice” i don’t know any better so please help. Original (間の抜けた声が響いた。)(Ma no nuketa koe ga hibiita)- Tagaini jisho (and I suppose all of the EDICT project, give 間の抜けた as “Idiotic, dolt, bonehead.” It means Amducias sound like an idiot.

    “After all, the way to kill is with designation“**Please help. Original:(結局、殺す方法は指定付きなんだね』) <- Something like "After all, the killing method is under appointment." (? I think I missed something in the context)

    “I know the fish is a fish***I gave up on this. Somebody please help. Original:『僕はトビウオって魚を知ってるけどね』(“Boku wa tobiuo tte sakana o shitterukedo ne”),” <- I know a fish called flying fish, though.


  2. Thank you very much for the chapter!
    It’s great to see this story picked back up, and this is much more understandable than a lot of other mtl sories I’ve come across.


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