The Dungeon's Demon Lord Is The Weakest

Weakest Demon Lord Chapter 29

Translator Notes:

Please note that i am inexperienced, and doing this just for testing(as you can see the blog’s name).

I 100% google translated this, so please don’t expect too much quality.

And since it seems to be dropped, and i want to read the novel itself – i went and translated it.

This is just a test, i may or may not continue doing this.

Anyways, if you spot a mistake please tell me, and i can have some translation advice as well.


Also, this demonking uses Wagahai and dearu. Should i put it in or should i just put “I” instead?

And, i changed the sentence a LOT. I’m sorry.


9 thoughts on “Weakest Demon Lord Chapter 29

  1. There are a lot of little grammatical things I could nitpick with it that definitely are a result of the google translate, but it’s an amount I would rather just edit the entire thing rather than point out 1 or 2 spots. that said it is still pretty readable. For some other suggestions you may want to put a spacer of some kind before the line “Master, it’s an intruder” Also, if you want to do something weird to replace the “I”s you might want to use something like “this one”. The first line then would become “This One doesn’t like it”, although that may be a weird way of speaking in a different way. I would recommend not using the Japanese pronouns because although there are lots of us who enjoy seeing Japanese words every now and then, that would be a little much.
    If you really want I could do an edit of it for you if no one else offers suggestions. keep up the good work though!

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    1. Um, i went and tried that, spend a hour trying to understand what it is and…. yeah, i don’t understand how it works. Sorry….
      In the mean time i’ll still use GT to translate since its simple(i mean its just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V then edit) and if i understand how to use that at last, i’ll switch to it( i mean that Translator Aggregator looks completely handy, i wish i could immediately understand how to use it).
      Anyway, thanks for the advice.


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