The Dungeon Demon Lord Is The Weakest Ch.29

Translator Notes:

Please note that i am inexperienced, and doing this just for testing(as you can see the blog’s name).

I 100% google translated this, so please don’t expect too much quality.

And since it seems to be dropped, and i want to read the novel itself – i went and translated it.

This is just a test, i may or may not continue doing this.

Anyways, if you spot a mistake please tell me, and i can have some translation advice as well.


Also, this demonking uses Wagahai and dearu. Should i put it in or should i just put “I” instead?

And, i changed the sentence a LOT. I’m sorry.


This one doesn’t  like it.

This one really don’t like it at all.

This one is the demon king, Cochon Kanzeir Gurruni* , who controls North of the Demon Continent.

Nevertheless, there is no warning to this one that there is a new demon king who settled in “Blood Tears of the Demon King”.

This one doesn’t  like it.

That land is the only road to the true continent .

Even though this one were already preparing forces to attack the true continent again, a newcomer demon king blocked our way.

This one doesn’t like it.

It seems that a huge castle wall stands tall in that place now. And, it faces the demon continent.

Certainly, there will be no need for walls for vulnerable people of the true continent, but what exaggerated fool that reject the demon side?

Even though it is difficult for a demon group to attack the true continent.

This one doesn’t like it.

This one are going to that place to meet that demon king now.

Of course, the army also going.

A large corps of various elite demon.

Perhaps, the newcomer listened to this one’s points and cooperates with the invasion of the true continent, then its fine.

Otherwise, this army will be sacrifice it for the war.

This one doesn’t like it.

It is awkward for this one to be misunderstood, but we are never friends, family members or compatriots.

If it harmed this one’s plans, then there’s no reason to keep it alive, as there’s no laws that forbid it.

Sacrificing one of the demon kings, the corps will gain confidence and the morale will goes up.

Also, if you are a scalpel under the control, it will be a good bait. A strong warrior is always strong.

Okay, let’s kill.

If This one think carefully, there was no reason to keep it alive.

“This one’s army corps!”

I shouted to the corps in the back.

“This one has decided! The demon king of this land, he harmed This one’s plan, and this one will not allow it.

This one has decided that place as its place to die!!”

In this one’s dignified declaration, the army silenced for a moment, and then gave a raging shout.

After all, they are also hungry for blood.

“Destroy, deprive, kill, commit it!! This one will forgive it !!”

A raging roar again.

In front of this corps, such thing as a new demon king, is equal to dust. If it seems to be overwhelming, it will be a grinding edge for the power of our people that was cultivated in 200 years.

While raising a great cheer, the army advances.

The fortress is already close.



“Master, it’s an intruder”

“Whoops, seriously, I hope this time it will be a trial run of the dungeon properly”

“I agree. However, the number of demons is 862. There is one Demon King. Please do not forget to watch out. There are also the cases of the two demon kings above. ”

“Well, I feel like the number of customers is raising recently. Well good, let me deal with it each time a problem arises, will you report their moves one by one?”


“Heh, I’m looking forward to it”

“I agree. How far shall we go forward? ”

“There is a demon king, but will you go to the underground labyrinth?”

“I think that it is up to the labyrinth of puzzle, though. Um, the anaerobic corridor is bit evil. ”

“You really like that corridor,”

“Fufufu.” Creating that is the only credit in Master’s life. ”

“I am still 0 years old, but my life is over?”

“just kidding. Please do not be down. It’s annoying ”

“Hey, do you need the last word!”

“It’s noisy. Since the intruder invaded The Great Wall Labyrinth, Master should be a little more concerned about it. ”

“Yeah yeah, well, I wonder if I’ll give them a warning first.”

“Warning, is it? ”

“Oh, for that reason that the entrance of the Great Wall Instrument Labyrinth is equipped with a speaker and a microphone (Magical Power).”

“it was, wasn’t it?”

*please help. Original: {コション・カンゼィール・グルニ}

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9 thoughts on “The Dungeon Demon Lord Is The Weakest Ch.29

  1. There are a lot of little grammatical things I could nitpick with it that definitely are a result of the google translate, but it’s an amount I would rather just edit the entire thing rather than point out 1 or 2 spots. that said it is still pretty readable. For some other suggestions you may want to put a spacer of some kind before the line “Master, it’s an intruder” Also, if you want to do something weird to replace the “I”s you might want to use something like “this one”. The first line then would become “This One doesn’t like it”, although that may be a weird way of speaking in a different way. I would recommend not using the Japanese pronouns because although there are lots of us who enjoy seeing Japanese words every now and then, that would be a little much.
    If you really want I could do an edit of it for you if no one else offers suggestions. keep up the good work though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Um, i went and tried that, spend a hour trying to understand what it is and…. yeah, i don’t understand how it works. Sorry….
      In the mean time i’ll still use GT to translate since its simple(i mean its just Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V then edit) and if i understand how to use that at last, i’ll switch to it( i mean that Translator Aggregator looks completely handy, i wish i could immediately understand how to use it).
      Anyway, thanks for the advice.


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