Original Novel! Not mine tho.

Yeah, its an original novel. Made by someone "completely" unrelated to me. I was supposed to edit it tho. Suppose is the key word there. And,  in case you guys are wondering why there are no Dungeon lord chapter, honestly i have no excuses. You know, i got school and work and stuff.    … Continue reading Original Novel! Not mine tho.

The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.32

TN: It's chapter 32! As usual, it was googled translated, and I blindly guessed the sentence! I am very sorry! But really, the amount of sentence i can't understand is rising. Why i can't understand Japanese... Anyway, enjoy.       The Spirit of The Bath's Treatment !? *Yup, I need help for the title.… Continue reading The Dungeon’s Demon Lord is The Weakest Ch.32